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Perhaps you could use help to craft a plan for adjusting the culture in a work unit, division or across the entire organization. What initiatives could you take and what incentives might you use? Don’t go it alone.  Let James assist you in choosing and taking the best next steps for your specific situation.

James helped me overcome an obstacle in our business strategizing. He clarified our business model remarkably quickly, and revealed our next steps. His consulting helped made a difference.
— Judith Wiley, Executive Director, Central Community Health Centre
James helped us through a tremendously difficult time. His patience and clarity won the day, and set the organization on a new, prosperous path.
— George Dryburgh, former president, United Way


10 Signs You Need to Rethink Innovation in Your Company

Download my article that examines the evidence you may have that innovation needs attention in your firm.


James doesn’t bring a pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all process or program to sell you. Some clients need to make a single, strategic step forward; others need an extended series of training.  James will engage a dialogue with you or your team and deeply explore the business model you are using, your strategy,  and the human dimensions of you operations. Next he’ll propose steps that suit your particular situation, drawing from a whole suite of tools, focusing on practical action that engages people. Finally, James will collaborate with you and your team to execute the plan, emphasizing fresh thinking and measurable results.

To get inside innovation in your organization, get James Todd.