five essential keynotes on innovation:



Balancing the Key Components of Innovation

This keystone speech explores how personal creativity, knowledge and motivation combine with teamwork, culture and leadership to form an engine of innovation. Get a complete overview of the dimensions of innovation. Ideal for inspiring and orienting leaders and their managers to the work of innovating. 

45-90 minute keynote (also delivered as a seminar up to one day)



Building a corporate culture that fosters creative thinking and innovative outcomes

No matter what your plan is, culture trumps strategy, so changing what people feel and believe can by your most powerful tool for fueling innovation in your organization. Learn to master the factors of culture that matter. Ideal for leaders who want to prepare the way for innovation and new strategy.   

45-90 minute keynote (also delivered as a seminar up to one day)



Fostering effective teamwork for innovation results

In the workplace, people feel the strongest connection to their immediate workgroup, so focusing on those teams creates the best possible environment for change and the platform for innovation. Discover the forces that you can influence to improve team behaviour and performance. Ideal for the managers and team leaders in your organization to build support for new innovation initiatives.

45-90 minute keynote (also delivered as a seminar up to one day)



Tactics for inspiring followers to engage and contribute

Leadership matters, and followers will only go where they are led. Designed to motivate and prepare leaders for the challenges – and rewards – of leading innovation. Look inside and learn to manage the ways leaders personally contribute to the innovation equation. Ideal for the senior managers and leaders of an organization. 

45-90 minute keynote (also delivered as a seminar up to one day)



Drawing out the creative contributions of everyone in your organization

Individual creative contributions are the essential fuel for innovation. Knowing the elements of creativity and the parts of the creative process, you can better engage and manage individual contributions. Learn how to trigger your own or your team’s creativity through the entire creative process.  Ideal for most business audiences.

45-90 minutes keynote (also delivered as a seminar.)


Six Tips on How to Choose an Innovation Speaker

Download my article on how to get the right speaker for your audience.



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James Todd knows innovation from the inside. He has worked in innovation-intensive businesses all his life. Along the way he has been part of creative projects in an astonishing array of fields, ranging from architecture to parks to industrial IT to genetics to economics, with such organizations such as 3M, Hewlett-Packard, FedEx, Oxford Learning, the CRA and the Canadian Army. Years of in-depth study led to a graduate degree in innovation and leadership in 2012. He earned his speaking skills delivering to the toughest of audiences – first year college students. With wit, irrepressible creativity, deep insight, we’re going to hear from a speaker who can share with us the possibility for innovation and creativity inside an organization just like yours.

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